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25 Fun Things To Do In Hurghada And El Gouna

You probably want to spend most of your time in the water to cool down. Cairo is easily one of the most famous places in Egypt and a day trip can easily help you explore and experience it. Not polished for tourists, you will see a real daily life in Egypt and get an idea of local fish and seafood specialties. There are also many snorkeling and diving activities, so you can fully explore and experience the excellence of the Red Sea. Boat trip through the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea to experience underwater wonders.

One of the best things to do in Hurghada at night is to visit Hurghada Marina at sunset, which only makes it more special. Everyone will enjoy a remarkable experience to see the sun slowly sinking in the Red Sea. Many new hotels and buildings are underway and we can expect some new hotels, restaurants and other facilities in the near future.

There will be constant problems selling you something from people you think are just friendly. Another long walk is after Abu Simbel, it takes 8-9 hours to get to Hurghada. Overall, my friend and I enjoyed the tour and the tour operator was extremely responsive and helpful, checked in regularly and the guides were fantastic.

Our co-drivers have done a great job of turning under Ahmed’s leadership in Cairo to make sure we haven’t wasted much time on traffic in the terribly busy city. After a pleasant boat trip through the Nile, an excellent lunch was served in a very pleasant restaurant with a good view of the pyramids. We strolled through the sights of Giza led by Ahmed and maximized our potential for great photos of all the pyramids and the sphinx and its temple. We ended up with the inevitable visit to perfumery, but I think most people were too tired to be very interested, although it was nice enough to sit there with a cup of mint tea. This was followed by another 6-hour journey back to Hurghada, but it was quite bearable and helped by having such an excellent and memorable day.

To relax 100%, you can relax completely with our built-in massage and let go of all stress. There are many different options for guided day trips to Luxor, where you can visit multiple archaeological sites in small groups or during private visits. Transport is by air or private vehicle bus and pick-ups are generally from your hotel in Hurghada. The two Giftun Islands, Giftun Kebir and Giftun Sughayer, are among the nearest tourist town of Hurghada in Egypt and are part of a sea reserve in the Red Sea with spectacular coral reefs and lively waterfalls. Hikers will dive, dive and sunbathe on the pristine and protected beaches of the island pair. Participants are picked up from their hotel early in the morning in an air-conditioned minivan and taken to the boat.

Further west, explore the Nile of Aswan in the south to Cairo and Alexandria in the north. The river is dotted with ancient cities and monuments, including Luxor, Qena, the Karnak temple complex, the Giza Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, perfect day trips for archeology lovers. My friend and I enjoyed this tour and the coordinator / operators were extremely responsive and helpful, so the 5 stars.

Join an experienced instructor and navigate to two beautiful and safe dive sites. If you are a beginner, receive road registration and enjoy an exciting first dive with an instructor by your side. If you are an experienced diver, just dive in and swim next to lively corals and exotic sea life. After a buffet lunch on board, navigate to another location and choose to enjoy a second dive or just relax.

Enjoy horse riding in the beautiful desert landscape, the red sea and the sunset. A recommendation for anyone who wants to try something different in the desert. If you are a fan of horse riding, now is the time to book your adventure.

It is home to everything a traveler is looking for, from incredible historical sites dating back over 4,000 years to charming city resorts and beaches. You will experience the holidays you deserve, as Egypt has everything you can imagine. Private two-day excursions to Luxor from Hurghada to visit the ancient monuments of Egypt in the city of Luxor and join a p… You can only visit the best underwater locations on the coast of Hurghada by diving. However, if diving is not for you, there are still many shallow reefs that you can experience while diving. A popular way to experience this desert interior is at the five-hour quadruple cycling safari in Hurghada, with a break in a Bedouin village and a camel ride.

One day we visited the famous Egyptology Museum, the pyramids and the sphinx. We each pay EUR 200 for the tour, which is a fairly standard price. I recommend that you examine the size of the groups on the route you choose; We were lucky enough to be on a smaller tour with just 8 other people. However, massage in Hurghada you can also get on a bus for 60 people, which may not be for you. Our guide Mohammad was excellent and knew the best places to see. We visit the mosque, the shipyard, the fishing yard, the local market, the perfumery, the local shopping arcade and the old hurgada, all closed with a delicious lunch.