Bavaria! 25 Fun And Unusual Things To Do In Munich

There is a wealth of information about both cities, but little to indicate which is the best and most suitable destination for your trip. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond and for all your help and advice, I will book a week in Munich in August/September. Any help/advice will be really appreciated, especially a place to stay, hotels, things to do and places I need to see, etc.

The first part of this huge complex was the beautiful Antiquarium, built in 1579 and now part of the prominent Residenz Museum. Discover these top routes in Germany this summer with the country’s new €9 travel pass. That said, Munich is still a big city and you have to keep an eye on your wallet and pockets in busy areas and transport hubs. Be careful at night and avoid dimly lit spaces or parks when you’re alone.

It is actually a collection of galleries under the name “Pinakothek”. If you love art, you should spend some time visiting at least one of the three main art galleries. Once a farmers’ market, the Viktualienmarkt has become a place for gourmets. There you can buy any kind of delicacies or eat something in one of the small restaurants. The market is one of Munich’s main tourist attractions, but you’ll also see locals wearing traditional Bavarian costumes or meeting some people playing the typical music of the area.

Englischer Garten also has a Japanese tea house and beer gardens for those who want to have a cup of tea or another drink while visiting the gardens. I suggest staying near a Ubahn station (10-15 minutes walk is a good distance) to make it easier to get around the city. I suggest looking at Google Maps so you can see where the Ubahn stations are and compare them to the hotel booking site you are using. I’d also recommend staying as close to downtown as your budget allows so you don’t waste too much time each day getting in and out to see the sights.

This European destination is a special place with great outdoor activities and a rich history. It takes you back to the Middle Ages as you explore the modern cities. In addition to the attractions and festivities, the diverse destination oktoberfest promises much more than you expect. Munich’s city centre is made up of buildings and architecture dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries. These castle-like structures literally give you the feeling that you are in a fairy tale.

It was once home to the Bavarian dukes and now houses art collections, a Baroque theatre and several courtyards. If you have some flexibility in your schedule, you’ll want to choose a sunny day for this day trip. Also decide whether you want to do it as a tour or alone. If postcards are to be believed, the true image of Germany is Neuschwanstein Castle, and it’s only a day’s drive from Munich.

One of the most fun things to do in Munich is to enjoy the English Garden, one of the largest city parks in the world. While I love coming here for walks and sunbathing, one of the best ways for a visitor to see most of it in no time is to take a bike ride. If you only spend 2 days in Munich, you probably have time for only one museum. Eventually I decided to visit the Brandhorst Museum to spark my interest in contemporary art. It was an excellent choice, as I enjoyed the architecture and collection of over 200 works by American artist Cy Twombly, beautifully displayed in spacious, airy rooms. So, if you’re passionate about cars, a must-see in Munich is the futuristic BMW Museum.