The Govporation Complex

“Innocent data does not exist, it is only a matter of time, and to turn it into a weapon in the wrong hands”

Throughout history, the governance of the country has always depended on the subsequent actions and monitoring of its citizens. Ordinary people, trying to protect their privacy, tried to limit what can be tracked and detectable. This boundary has always changed; In particular, technological advances have always improved the lives of ordinary people and their personal qualities. Add to that another influential person – companies that, in pursuit of sacred profits, sought to read the behavior of customers to ensure that their profit goals were met. History shows that companies and administrations have often worked on a common agenda. Laws designed to protect people from unwarranted interference in their lives are increasingly being ignored.

The border between government and business is blurring. This is not a prognosis, but a fact happening all over the world. The Government will use and deploy everything to maintain the status quo, despite the growing gap between ordinary people and those few who own almost everything. Despite all the negativity that we all see, hear and read, there are still people in government and business who do not agree with certain actions or policies. We hope that they will be able to make changes from the inside by doing their best to send the ship to the best destination. You can’t point to government or business in general and say that everyone wants to dictate the rest of their life to serving holy profits.

Today, the world has become a global digital community in which a large percentage of people and devices are connected to this object called the Internet. One way the Internet enriches our lives is that we can connect with everyone online, no matter where they are. But remember that while you can easily connect with someone, others can just as easily contact you and jump into your life. At first, it was a collaboration tool between researchers, and the security issues did not concern the developers. All the security mechanisms we are building today are repairs that try to fill in the gaps. The Internet, or the network for brevity, has somehow reached most modern devices.

Various socio-political trends indicate why leaders and representatives of the monitoring/monitoring industry will try to seize additional powers and access. Look around and see what happens when you read this to realize that we are not seeing a decrease in threats to people around the world, but their growth. The additional power of deep tracking of one’s life will be justified by certain artificial events and technical advances. The threat is no longer only for privacy, but also for life and physical integrity. We will look at a number of current and future events that affect the personal world of the “ordinary person.” The pressure to give up personal data will be huge and relentless. An important protection for people is public education and an attempt to establish boundaries that governments, businesses or anyone else must abide by through these laws. It is necessary to pass appropriate laws, you should be aware of new events and their consequences. As someone once said; eternal vigil is a payment for the preservation of freedom. You don’t want to live in an Orwellian world where the “big brother” tracks your every move! Your privacy limits should be carefully protected.

By default, to assume that everyone is a threat, and therefore justify full surveillance and control over people is the wrong choice. This opens up a giant box of worms, which is a guaranteed ticket to society that we don’t need. One of the reasons is human nature, as history has shown countless times, not to mention the correct form. Another reason is that governments come and go, and the world is constantly changing. When we enter, rather than a new dark period in human history, it will be a digital disaster, since all the data collected is now available through the Evil Agency. There is no innocent data, it is only a matter of time and not in the wrong hands to turn it into a weapon.

Automatic profiling from multiple sources

Automatic profiling from multiple sources has now become a part of everyday life, whether you like it or not. This profiling is used to limit the targets you see for a reason. The reason may be good or bad, the method itself is wrong and will result in many people getting into databases to which they do not belong.

Sharing biometric data

The use of biometrics is designed to help accurately identify people, especially when multiple data sets are used. For example, passport documents in many countries now usually include fingerprint information, but iris scanning data and facial recognition data also contribute. Today, the Canadian government uses a U.S. biometric database in addition to what is needed to determine a person’s desire to enter the country. Unfortunately, biometric data is now also used on the streets and by third parties for a variety of purposes. Be sure to point someone out in certain locations across the country and keep that information for future use. It is no longer aimed at international travelers, but anyone inside the border can be remotely identified by facial recognition cameras for no reason. You may be automatically identified as an undesirable person who is ruining your travel plans or worse. Remember that more and more countries, businesses and others are coming together to create a huge global database that many people can access. Some with less kind intentions.

To anyone, anywhere, anytime

Consider the recent wave of news about the NSA excavation. While this did not come as a surprise to some, for others, who have always called concerned citizens fake maniacs, all revelations about large-scale mass surveillance are embarrassing. Not only do they monitor their citizens, but they are also accused of spying on people and political parties in other countries. There is no doubt that the wide availability of Internet technologies and the availability of the Internet have made this activity possible. The fact that some well-known informants were able to access the data obtained by the NSA is proof that even intelligence agencies are struggling to protect their operations and data from the human factor. Of course, it’s not just the NSA, actually all similar agencies in other countries are doing the same. If possible, they cooperate with others or do it alone.

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