Investing In Real Estate In Belize Is The Right Move In 2021 Or 2022? Land, Houses, Commercial And More

Commercial, residential and undeveloped real estate are promising, but finding success means understanding exactly what is happening in the market. An agency like Hesed Realty has local agents who can work with you to find an investment that meets your needs. Since the recent arrival of several major hotel brands around the world, Belize’s largest island has quickly become one of the Caribbean’s most popular real estate markets.

San Pedro, once a sleepy fishing village surrounded by coconut plantations, is today the No. 1 tourist destination in Belize. The main attraction of idyllic Ambergris Caye is in its unique location next to the impossible turquoise blue waters of the largest living barrier reef in the world. This proximity provides unparalleled access to some of the best snorkeling, diving, fishing, water sports, and seafood in the Caribbean. Combined with an eclectic mix of festivals and rapidly evolving culinary and nightlife scenes, Ambergris Caye is on every top travel list for 2019.

The Skilled Retirement Program offers retirees from all over the world an attractive opportunity to move to Belize. Some of the benefits include official residency and transportation of the person’s personal belongings, including vehicles. Those covered by this law do not have to pay income tax on investments or labor interest outside the country. At the end of 2016, Belize’s tourism figures recorded the highest level in history in the past 20 years. These overnight stays have grown by 44% in the last five years alone! With 70-75% of all tourists visiting Belize going directly to San Pedro, the number of hotel rooms to be developed in Ambergris Caye over the next five years cannot cope with this kind of demand.

Most foreigners who buy property pay cash with their own money or borrow money in their home country where interest rates are lower. One benefit of financing your property purchase through a local bank is that the bank has in-house lawyers to protect your loan portfolio. For those interested in investing in and owning foreign real estate, Belize is a buyer’s market.

Cayo received about 28% of foreign visitors to Belize in 2018. The area may not have sandy beaches like Ambergris Caye, but many visitors find the lush interior covered in rainforest truly incredible. It’s 2020 and real estate is still the best investment Remax Belize anyone can make. For anyone looking for a value-driven real estate market in 2020, Belize’s diverse terrain makes it an ideal place to consider. To help you navigate, this guide highlights five of Belize’s best places to invest in 2020.